True Messiah does exist at present time.
He can be verified with scientific evidences, and he will be able to provide the truth of God
for true world peace and happiness. The truth will stop the current world tribulation and famines.
provides people with the facts that none has ever done before.
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How does true Messiah
verify himself?

True Messiah must be fully complied with the most important prophecies as follows:
  • Time of birth and Name, Isaiah 9:5-7
  • House location, Isaiah 2:2-3
  • House location, Micha 4:1-2
  • House location, Nostradamus I:32-33
  • House: Nostradamus: V:75
  • Profile: Isaiah 3:2-3
  • Life: Isaiah 53:1-12
Supported prophecies

There are a lot of support prophecies that true Messiah will know how to use them such as Daniel 2:44 for Isaiah 9:7, Isaiah 5:6 and Psalms 147.8 and much more.

The unusual weather is a sign of true Messiah existing as indicated by Daniel 7:13


- The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments. Authorized King James Version.

- The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus,

Capability of the true Messiah.

The True Messiah is capable to reveal and bring forth truths to people as stated by prophesies such as Psalms 19:7, Daniel 2.47, Psalms 9:8, I Corinthians 4.5, and Isaiah 45.7.

Believing with no reason is faith. God's righteousness:The True Messiah must be verified by people worldwide.
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