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No Joke : Armageddon (The War Between Good and Evil) at the hill is now begin. Please. see: Video G4
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Link to Youtube video (G1 to G7 are on FLM2010's Channel-Youtube):
Youtube- 2012-2013: (G7) Complete Video of Science-Prophecies-Doomsday-Who am I?
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2012-2013: (G7) Complete Video of Science-Prophecies-Doomsday-Who am I?
Link to brief of the full version (G7) in order for you to translate English language to your language:
Brief- 2012-2013: (G7) Complete Video of Science-Prophecies-Doomsday-Who am I?

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2009-2010-2012-2013: This is most important time. The second coming true Christ is truth.
You would understand God's truth about God's Messiah or Metteya/Metteyya or Maitreya or other called names with your self-wisdom. shares verification truth of God that runaway is impossible, God promised people for heavenly earth, and God never forgot it.
1 st. Pic: The Menorah probably inside the Temple of Peace in Rome until the city was sacked in 410 CE.,
2 nd. Pic: An unusual tree at Messiah's house and 3 rd. Pic: Prophetic square stone Messiah's house
(More information on People's benefits)
How does God remind stubborn people? 1st: The Menorah. 2nd The 100 year old tree. (prophecy) 3rd: The square house. (prophecy) 4th: The Menorah looking tree was broken in half by Hurricane Ike. (NOW! 50-50 chance) Click 4th picture for detail.
God's message is | Divine Numbers |, unusual weather, global warming, disasters, earthquake, fire, floods, famines, plagues ..! An example, | GOD follows Messiah's letter | with The President of The United States of America.
IS GOD REAL? YES, True Messiah dares people to face the truth of GOD. How dare people face the fact?
Do people make war against | GOD'S WILL |?
Never before seen and heard the truth of God. The true Messiah made reality of God that came true.
To stop the continuing tribulation, disasters, famines and create true world peace with
righteousness and Justice of God. People need to verify
| Fact of The True Messiah |.
Isaiah |   Nostradamus  |   True Messiah: Qualification  |   Acts of GOD  |   Peace and happiness  |   People's benefits
False witness - Antichrist God prophecies Buddhism Christianity Scholars' question explores evidences about God's servant; True Messiah is existence at present time. It is not faith;
it is not virtue to believe without reason. It is verifiable fact with scientific evidences. Please considering the links of
1 - 4 and distribution for others at 7: 1. Archives information. Since 1992.
2. Greenhouse effect / global warming and unusual weather are the acts of GOD.
3. 2008 2009 Nostradamus predictions (The most visited web page) and More Nostradamus predictions:
    Some example of accurate prophecies are the truth of the true Messiah at present time.
4. Disasters can be stopped, if people verify the truth of the true Messiah..
5. UFO will be truly seen after the verification of the true Messiah.
6. How could you be one of God’s servants and a friend of the true Messiah (True Christ)? It is simple,
    generous, and there is nothing wrong with your word of verification about truth of the true Messiah to other.
7. Distribution version: downhill economics, gasoline prices sky high, Unusual disasters. It is far worse.
8. New Link (Feb. 11, 2010): The greatest of all catastrophe’s in 2012-2013 A.D. ...? , if people continue to ignore the opportunity to verify the truth of God's true Messiah who is able to open the Golden Age for peace and happiness on Earth. People don't have much time left.

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