Nostradamus wrote many quatrains for the True Messiah, If Nostradamus could not finish the story into the same quatrain, he will continue to the next quatrain. This is the secret that Nostradamus never mentioned to anybody.

Word of the True Messiah can be verified that his word since 1992 until now are true.

One of examples is the letter on June 4, 1992 from Miss O. Shinkle that was sent to the major Medias in the U.S. regarding information of The True Messiah.

We have been trying to distribute a very important message of Nostradamus to mankind by asking you to be one of the media.  In Feb. 24 letter we mentioned about Nostradamus’ prophecies which described unusual weather followed by severe damage in several place.     His predictions haven’t been interpreted by any Nostradamians.  You have heard from many of Nostramanians’ interpretation that we are going to have peace and happiness, but these interpretations do not mention how. 

There are two ways to bring peace and happiness: one is by having great damage around the world and loss of lives for many years before peace and happiness can occur.  There is another way to have peace and happiness now and in the future with less damage and loss of life. 

We have tried to ask your help as a media as mention since February, 1992 to avoid much damage and loss of life such as disasters in Los Angles and other places around the world. We have also mentioned that there is only one person who can decode the prophecies and can avoid much damage.  We asked you and other people nothing but your time to let people prove him in order to provide peace and happiness in the latter way.  He is not anti-Christ and without any organization support.  He has no desire for money or anything in return: time will prove his word.  We have been sending several letters to you again and again to call your attaint ion since March 2.  We gave referenced to many unusual events which have already happened and mention that they will keep going on if we do not avoid them.

We realized that many people have misinterpreted Nostradamus and some of his prophecies and you might be one of these people.  There are many Nostradamus’ biographies and a movie indicated that he was one of the best doctor of his time.  He was unselfish and a Christian who put his very best into helping others especially his church.  His prophecies have some evidence and are recognized worldwide.

We have tried to let you and other people prove and understand his prophecies.  Unfortunately, none of you have paid any attention and let tragedies happen again and again.  Our concern right now is that those damage are not as great as the damage which will happen soon (great earthquake, fire, flood) as we mentioned in April the 29, 1992.  Much more damage and loss of life (cold, drought, heat, disasters, and wars) will continue all over the world until people understand Nostradamus’ prediction and follow his guide lines written in his quatrains.

We do not have much time left.  We hope that this letter might trigger your responsibility to let him have a chance to help people understand Nostradamus’ prediction.  If it does not, it is still at least evidence of the last warning from us to you.

May God’s blessing be with you and all of us.

(Miss O. Shinkle passed away at age 92. She was the True Messiah's one of the most respective person, She was the first and the last Chair person of peace and happiness group. Miss O. Shinkle's Bibliography: B.S. from Miami University, Ohio, and M.S. from Columbia University, Ne w York. She was very generous and loves peace.)

Some example of Timeline of the events after the letter of June 4, 1992:

June 28, 1992: The 7.5 Lander earthquake happened in California. California's strongest in 40 years and third strongest this century
August 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew is the most costly disaster in history at that time.
October 1992: 7.5 Earth quake hits Cairo of Egypt left the city in ruins.
1993: The great Midwest flood of 1993 is the third most costly disaster at that time.
November 1993: The Santa Ana (Malibu) firestorm, the worst fire of southern California.
1994: Northridge earthquake is the second costly in the US. Catastrophe at that time.
July 1994: The New York Times: “Georgia Tries to Make Sense of Flood That Comes Once in 500 Years”
1995: Heat disaster killed more than 600 people in Chicago, USA. alone.
January 1995: A Gannett Newspaper: “Relief eludes, Epic flooding: This was a 500 year rain event”
1995: KOBE, JAPAN: Earthquake kills 6000.

What is the different of devastating disasters at the present time?

Some catastrophic could be explained with evidences by the True Messiah that it is not nature type but it was the divine disaster. Such as; Tsunami earthquake on December 26, 2004. USA date and time was on December 25, 2004. It was 9 Richter Scale, kill in 11 countries; more than 225,000 people dead. Was this 9/11 of December 25? (  

Timelines of the worst disaster ever (


Worst Disaster (times)













1990 – (1992 -1999)

1 + (20) total 21



It should be clear that the worst disasters jump up more than twice since 1992.
Please Consider the statement of the letter on June 4, 1992 that says "We hope that this letter might trigger your responsibility to let him (means; the true Messiah) have a chance to help people understand Nostradamus’ prediction. if it does not, it is still at least evidence of the last warning from us to you."

Some examples of the worst disasters are shown below:




Latur, India, 1993: earthquake (22,000 dead)


Kobe, Japan, 1995: earthquake (5,500 dead)


Colombia, 1999: earthquake (1,185 dead)
Izmit, Turkey, 1999: earthquake (17,000 dead)
Taiwan, 1999: 7.6 earthquake (2,400 dead)
Orissa, India, 1999: Cyclone (7,600 dead)
Venezuela, 1999: Floods (20,000 dead)


Andhra Pradesh, India, 2003: Heat wave (1,300 dead)
France, Spain and Italy, 2003: Heat wave (50,000 dead, France alone was 12000)


Tsunami earthquake 2004, more than 225,000 dead in 11 countries


Kashmir, 2005: earthquake (80,500 dead, of which 79,000 in Pakistan and 1,350 in India)


Southern Ethiopia, Aug 2006: floods (800)


Afghanistan, February 2008: cold wave (926)
Myanmar/Burma, may 2008: cyclone (100,000)
China, may 2008: earthquake (50,000)

The ten most costly catastrophes since 1992 in the United States of America at “True Messiah: Truth”

This devastating disaster is not the result of greenhouse effect or global warming. It is the Acts of GOD on unusual weather that creates Global Warming - Greenhouse Effect, Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Plagues, Famines, and …
World recognized prophecies from God's prophets such as Daniel 7:13, Isaiah 5:6 and Nostradamus are clearly indicated on the events of the true Messiah or last Buddha {Pali = Metteya (read) / Metteyya (write) or Sanskrist = Maitreya Buddha} or Kalki, or other related names, who exists at present time.

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"Disasters" at Home page since God gave a sign on February 3, 2008 to the true Messiah.

This is not an end; more devastation will come if The True Messiah did not get the verification. It is the most fair for spiritual and lives to all people ever. 


Believing with no reason is faith. For God's righteousness: True Meissiah must be verified by worldwide people.
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