This is not the first times that it was supposed to be impossible, but it happened:.

Hurricane Ike made landfall near Galveston, Texas, USA on September 13, 2008 and the swath of damage covered a 200 mile (321.87 km.) wide path of about 1600 miles (2574.95 km.) in all, as it traveled up the northeast coast of the USA!

Please note that God is one:. (KJV the Bible) Zechariah 14:9 "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one".

Hurricane Ike (Category One, 74-95 mph or 119-153 km/hr), was the first Hurricane in the history ever when it ripped through Ohio, and killed 4 people in the greater Cincinnati area on September 14, 2008. It was one of the largest power outages caused by a natural disaster in the history too. There were 2.6 million power outages in Ohio from the storm. The damages it caused rivals as one of the most costly storms in the Ohio state history.

Hurricane Ike blew through Cincinnati and caused a big branch of the Menorah shaped tree (prophecy - relating to Messiah) to break off. The old tree has withstood many storms in the last 100 years, but all of the (Menorah) tree's branches on the left side were broken by Ike’s winds as shown in picture 4. Five minutes after the branch broke off, the wind stopped. Now, the tree only has 4 branches (candles) left out of the 7 branches (candles).

Why did it happen?

Remember what God asks in, Isaiah 53.1 “Who hath believed our report?” Now, God wants to remind people that the impossible can be made possible. 2012-2013 A.D. will be the greatest catastrophe OR peace and happiness, it depends upon people. Are they going to ignor God's message or not?.

Please understand that it is unusual to find the a tree that looks like a Menorah, and in the same area that you will also find a square stone house. Both are symbols given by God to help us recognize the Messiah’s house.

The Menorah is the same as the 7 candles of the ancient universal symbol of Judaism and also it is 7 candles in the Book of Revelation in the KJV Bible. It is also the symbol of God’s 7 righteousness that people must learn, if they want to walk with God.
Psalms 7:11 “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day”

There are many evidences from prophets' prophecies, divine events which indicate the coming of the true Messiah at the present time. (See The Last Day: Event(s) on home page of

Prophecies from different world religions have given indications about the Last Day. The day of the Last Judgment is for true world Peace and Happiness. There will be an "Apocalypse" (War between God and Satan at the place which is called "Armageddon".)

Prophecies from different world religions stated the same story about the events associated with God’s final representative. The most popularly recognized title "Messiah" which originates from Judaism will be the most used divine title on the website for ease of writing and understanding. The "Messiah" title is considered to be relevant to the divine titles used by other world religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism for their prophesied final divine representative of God, whom will come to help people create true world peace and happiness.

Questions and Answers:

Why do most of the prophecies from different world religions, and are found at different eras of time and space, written similarly and support each other regarding the Messiah?
Evidences from some prophecies are clearly stating that God granted His words for His prophets from each religion to write the prophecies. Many prophecies are not secret, but some are secretly specific for only the true Messiah, because only he would know how to use those prophecies.

God provided the true Messiah to understand how to use each of the religion's prophecies for the verification that will provide the truth of God and the true Messiah for all people worldwide, some examples are as follows:

1. The Holy Bible: King James Version (KJV) on both Old Testament and New Testament, and Nostradamus’ prophecies will be used as a key to unlock the truth of God and unmask the true Messiah.

True Messiah must have evidence to demonstrate the most important unique prophecies which some examples are as follows:

a. Isaiah 9:5-7, this prophecy stated about the time of true Messiah’ birth through the end time of earth.

b. At least five prophecies indicated the house of the true Messiah (location and type), which are Isaiah 2:2, Micah 4:1, Nostradamus V:75, I:32-33. (Please understand the interpretation of Nostradamus’ prophecies by each interpretation may slightly different. The true Messiah must know which author should be used for his reference.) It is very interesting that the approximate 100 year old tree which is located beside the house of the true messiah has an unusual shape which looks a like the menorah.

2. Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism are main religion to be used for a part of righteousness of God. The most important parts of God's righteousness are no one teaches and no one knows!

The true Messiah is the only one able to teach people about the truth of God's righteousness.

3. One of Nostradamus’ prophecy indicated that “science is found fault.” How true Messiah would be able to demonstrate and fix it?

The true Messiah will prove a lot of new knowledge which will benefit all scientists and people everywhere.

4. The true messiah would help rich or poor, kings and beggars, great or small, people who are alive and people that have passed away to have a chance for their name be a part of the “book of life” and to avoid and/or no longer be cast into a “lake of fire (hell)” until the thousand years were finished. That is the first resurrection, and the dead that will live again as prophesied.

Please understand that Almighty God judges the dead by their righteousness and nothing else. Without the knowledge of God's righteousness, it will jeopardize their soul.

Please do not look down on the ancient prophecies. The true Messiah truly exists at the present time. If the true Messiah is true, then other prophecies would be true too. And, then Almighty God is true, hell and heavens are real too!)

Verification of the true Messiah will bring benefits to all people, alive and the dead. The very important benefits are as follows:

1. The world is going to have true peace and happiness for ever, and the present divine devastating disasters that create tribulation and famines to people will be stopped.

2. People regardless their beliefs and religions who are alive or dead will have help from the true Messiah to erase their spiritual mark of evil, 666, which they can not do by themselves. And they would then have their name written in the book of life (God judges by names in the book of life,and those whose name is not in the book of life will be cast to hell. The true Messiah can verify with evidences that this is true.)

3. All living and dead who have their name in the book of life will have a chance to live with the true Messiah or Christ or other related names for a thousand years (heavenly time).

How could people understand the above information is true?
The information will be verified by the true Messiah to indicate they are true and he will do it with scientific evidences.

The verification of the true Messiah is very important to all people.

It is the first and the last of mankind since the ancient time.  The true Messiah must be verified before he can teach people the true righteousness of God and help people to erase their evil, 666 mark With the knowledge of God's righteousness which will help people to have their name written in the book of life. (See: "Peace and happiness", "God promises", "The Last Judgment" , and other related page(s) on Home page of

Did anyone know this verifiable fact before?  

Isaiah 3.2-3 clearly stated that the true Messiah has no miracle powers in order to create true world peace, because miracles would interfere and cause people to lose their chance to learn God's righteousness which provides them the wisdom needed to get away from hell. Please understand and be aware that what most people think is good may not be good according to God's righteousness.

Some people may or may not know that people's bodies are controled by evil.  A person's soul is weight between good and evil.   A person that has more of the heavenly part (good) will be more open-minded and understanding of faithful and true knowledge that provides them good reason to understand that now is the time for God's servant, the true Messiah to be here on earth. 


Believing with no reason is faith. For God's righteousness: True Messiah must be verified by worldwide people.
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