2012-2013: Your life and your soul before the end time.

Truth must be able to verify by scientific way.

  Arabic: يجب أن الحقيقة تكون قادرة على التحقق من قبل بطريقة علمية .

Bengali: সত্য বৈজ্ঞানিক পদ্ধতি দ্বারা সত্যতা যাচাই করতে সক্ষম হওয়া আবশ্যক.  

Chinese: 真理必须能够通过科学的方法来验证。

Dutch: Waarheid moet in staat zijn om door wetenschappelijke manier. 

French: La vérité doit être en mesure de vérifier par voie scientifique.

German: Die Wahrheit muss in der Lage, durch wissenschaftliche Art und Weise zu überprüfen.

Hebrew: האמת חייבת שתוכל לבדוק דרך מדעית.

Hindi:  सच करने के लिए वैज्ञानिक तरीके से सत्यापित करने में सक्षम होना चाहिए.

Indonesian: Kebenaran harus dapat memverifikasi dengan cara ilmiah.

Italian: La verità deve essere in grado di verificare con metodo scientifico. 

Japan: 真実は、科学的な方法によって確認することができなければなりません。 

Korea: 진실은 과학적 방법에 의해 확인할 수 있어야합니다.  

Malay: Kebenaran mestilah dapat mengesahkan dengan cara saintifik.

Persian: حقیقت باید قادر باشد تا از طریق علمی بررسی می شود.

Portuguese : A verdade deve ser capaz de verificar por meio científico.

Russian: Истина должна быть в состоянии проверить, научным способом. 

Spanish: La verdad debe ser capaz de verificar por vía científica.

Swahili: Ukweli lazima kuwa na uwezo wa kuthibitisha kwa njia ya kisayansi.

Tamil: உண்மையை அறிவியல் மூலம் சரிபார்க்க வேண்டும். 

Thai:  ความจริงจะต้องสามารถตรวจสอบโดยวิธีทางวิทยาศาสตร์  

Vietnam:  Chân lý phải có thể xác minh bằng cách khoa học. 

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This is important information. It is benefit for humanity.  You may think it is not true.  But it is the absolute truth. and it is meant for everyone to know about it.

This web page is designed to translate English language to your language by using an internet translation such as: Google (Google also provides audio if you click at a speaker symbol.  It is at a bottom left corner of the window) or. Bing or. babelxl or other. You may find the link for these websites at the end of this web page. 

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This information is brief of the full version. That is in the 2012-2013: (G7).  Complete Video of Science. Prophecy. Doomsday. Who am I?. A link for (G7) is at the end of this web page.
This brief information is provided to all people about the ancient prophecies..

Scholars and people study about ancient prophecies. It is true. There are many ancient prophecies from different world religions and a sect of philosophy. Interestingly. There were many prophets provided the same information. It is about good and/or It is about bad. It will happen on earth at the present time.  The most important is a new world will be under the patronage of God..

This is not you to believe. It provides true information. that allows you to fully understand about a scientific verification on the true representative of God.  The representative of God wants people around the world to verify about his truth. The representative of God provides this information (2012-2013: G7 ...) to all people.  His name would be familiar to people around the world in their language. Such as: Christ.. Imam. Mahdi., Kalki.. Messiah.. Maitreya (मैत्रेय).. Metteya.. Metteyya.. Mílèu Púsa.(彌勒菩薩). Miroku Bosatsu..(弥勒菩薩), Mireuk Bosal..(미륵보살). Quetzalcoatl.. Etc..

The true representative of God is fully understood the message of the God Creator.  The representative of God can tell the truth of God. for all people on earth.  People should fully understand and people should not have doubts. All information of the true representative of God will be verified by people worldwide.. 

The representative of God presents selected examples to people world wide. God provides His fairness to people worldwide.  It is the verification truth of God..

The God Creator provides people only two choices as follows:.

#1. If people would want to verify the truth of the representative of God for their physical benefits. People would need to tell the media and/or their state representative in the House of Representatives.  They need to set up a panel of scholars/experts for each of the major religions and sciences to verify the truth of the representative of God. All people together can find out the truth from the true representative of God.. 

#2. If people do not want to verify the truth of God. Then God will destroy all unrighteous people on earth. God will save only good people..
God will destroy all unrighteous people on earth by various terrible catastrophes (earthquake, tsunami, floods, storms, cosmic ray, and disease). From December 2012 and/or the beginning of 2013, until 2020..  Many prophecies tell us that there will be no unrighteous people left on earth after the year of 2020 A.D..

Examples of the true representative of God will be in the verification. This verification must be done before September 2012, are as follows:.

#1. Truth, God is exist..

#2. The representative of God will present himself to people around the world. Representative of people must provide an official verification in a public view..

#3. The representative of God will bring true peace and happiness to all life.  The new world will have safety. security and comfort. among human. animal and environment. There will be no more debt and suffering. People will have peace, happiness and fairness, All people will have fair judgment and justice..

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2012-2013: (G7) Complete Video of Science-Prophecies-Doomsday-Who am I?

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2012-2013: (G7) Complete Video of Science-Prophecies-Doomsday-Who am I?

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